We are a group dedicated to the sport of kayaking. Whether it be whitewater, sea kayaking, touring, kayak polo, down river, you name it, we support it.

Kayak Polo is a fun, energetic game. We play in specialized boats built for a combination of speed and maneuverability, as well as body protection. The game is like water polo, basketball or hockey, except it's played in kayaks.

In Los Angeles, you can play kayak polo at UCLA by signing up for a class through the recreation department, or joining us at one of our casual games either at Mother's Beach in Marina Del Rey, or at Hansen Dam. See our calendar for events.

Whitewater is scarce in Los Angeles itself, however, there are local rivers that run in the spring run-off such as the Piru and Arroyo Seco. Most of our boating is done further north in the State, starting at the Kern River.

Slalom events are held each year in Southern California at the Kern River Festival, Miracle section on the Kern and the Rio Bravo section of the Kern. Other slaloms are held further north each year which some of our members attend.

Sea Kayaking is very popular in Los Angeles with major trips to the islands off the coast of Southern California an attraction for the keen paddlers. Otherwise the coast is a great place to get a workout and enjoy the sun.

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